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Whirl Wood Board - Improve your pirouettes while having fun!

30 EUR
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To Whirl Wood Board, or, otherwise, turnboard, came for the first time in Greece and available exclusively from!

...The absolutely indispensable assistant for:
- to improve your pirouette,
- to learn to focus it in the right places and
- you have mastered your balance and the positions of your hands.

The Whirl Wood Board is the perfect way to turn your workout into a game. And, that's whyto become more and more interesting the game, get in the contest and won a pair of ballet slippers Grishko (you'll find all the information inside the package of the Whip Wood Board).

The magic of Αφρικάνικου wood...
To construct the suitable Whirl Wood Board chose the wood African Limba, which comes from the forests of Africa (often referred to by the name of Φρακέ - used and for the &kappa?ατασκευή musical instruments) because the material enhances the torsion and is highly elastic.
The more you practice, the better contact acquires with the floor of the space you're in whether that's at home or at the school dance!

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