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Tools & Tricks 40 EUR
Supporting sock for fastening / arch enhancer
Improves the appearance of the arch - its free to look under the tights ballet. The salmon-pink elastic sock has a special ...
Tools & Tricks 30 EUR
Whirl Wood Board - Improve your pirouettes while having fun!
To Whirl Wood Board, or, otherwise, turnboard, came for the first time in Greece and available exclusively from! ...
Tools & Tricks 790 EUR
Portable barre with wheels "PINA"
The PINA is a freestanding ballet barre equipped with two wooden beams. It has wide, flat, steel feet wheels. It can be moved ...
Tools & Tricks 570 EUR
Height Adjustable Ballet Barre "ISA" 1,5, 2 or 3 m
The model ISA has 14 different positions to adjust according to the height you want. Is one of the models that can satisfy all ...
Tools & Tricks 340 EUR
Portable ballet barre "PRIMA" 1,5m or 2m
Available with a 1½m or 2m wooden beam, the PRIMA ballet barre has been created for personal use. It’s suitable for ...
Tools & Tricks 155 EUR
Floor mounted ballet barre "SIMPLE - FIX"
The SIMPLE-FIX is a floor attached, single column support, standing 103cm tall and designed to hold wooden bars of 40mm ...
Tools & Tricks 190 EUR
Height adjustable floor mounted ballet bar "ISA-FIX"
The ISA-FIX is a height adjustable, single column support that can sit as low as 79.5cm or as high as 118cm. Unlike other ...
Tools & Tricks 89 EUR
Ballet Wooden Bar 1,5-2-3m
Our bars are made of Southern yellow pinewood, known for its high density. This type of wood gives the bar an excellent strength ...
Tools & Tricks 179 EUR
Wall bracket for wooden bars ''ARABESQUE - SINGLE''
The ARABESQUE-SINGLE is a steel wall bracket suitable for wooden bars with a diameter of 40mm. It has a cylindrical saddle wide ...
Tools & Tricks 220 EUR
Wall bracket for wooden bars "ARABESQUE - DOUBLE"
The Arabesque Double is a steel wall bracket suitable for wooden bars with a diameter of 40mm. The Arabesque Double Black has ...
Tools & Tricks 14 EUR
Rubber strengthening Grishko high-resistance
Rubber fitness equipment for adults Special for training and exercise of the body. A tool that can be used everywhere. ...